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Automate Image Editing with Claid AI and Zapier

How to automate Image Editing with Claid AI and Zapier?

Learn how to connect Claid AI with your favorite apps through Zapier to automate and speed up your image editing, using either templates or custom automations.


- Claid AI Professional or Free trial account
- Zapier account

Claid features via Zapier

This section covers Claid AI’s features available through Zapier, each enhancing different aspects of your images. You can stack these features in one Zap for an all-in-one image workflow.

Upscale Image: Enlarge your image to improve its resolution, yielding a clearer and sharper picture.

You can choose from 4 upscaling types catered for different actions. Pick Photo for everyday photos, Smart Enhance for intense fix, Smart Resize for gentle resizing, Digital Art for illustrations.

When photographing products, we usually recommend using Smart Resize.

Correct Color and Lighting (same as ML Color Adjustments): Select ‘Correct Color and Lighting’ to automatically enhance images that are dark or overexposed.

Remove Background: Choose Background Removal to isolate your product and get a clean background.

You can choose from 3 background removal image types: general, products, and cars. Each mode was trained to deliver the best results with the corresponding category.

Generate Background (same as AI Photoshoot): Create captivating AI scenes around your product with just a few words.

Learn about writing effective AI Photoshoot prompts from this guide!

Quick start with pre-configured template

The easiest to jumpstart your automation is by using templates. They’re pre-configured with essential steps, making the setup quick and straightforward.

Pick a Template: Go to Zapier’s Claid AI integrations page, and choose a template. While Shopify is our example here, this guide applies to other apps you wish to automate with:

Authorize your chosen platform in Zapier: Allow Zapier to access the app you want to connect to Claid (e.g., Shopify).

Connect your Claid AI

Visit the Claid AI dashboard, navigate to Integrations -> API keys.

Click ‘Create API Key’. Enable ‘image_generation’ and ‘image_editing’. Name your key descriptively.

Click ‘Generate’, copy the key, and store it securely.

In Zapier, paste your API key to connect Claid AI:

Test and publish: Proceed with clicking ‘Continue’ with the remaining steps. Then, just click ‘Publish’ to go live with your automation.

Building a custom zap

For more control and customization, you can build a custom Zap tailored to any app or workflow

Just like with template-based approach, start with authorizing Claid and any app that you want to connect. The authorization and publishing are the same as with template approach that we covered above. The difference is in adding and configuring steps like triggers and actions.

Set Up Triggers: Define what event in your app will start the Zap. For Shopify, it could be the addition of a new product; for Dropbox — a new file in a folder, etc.

Set Claid AI Events and Actions: Choose a Claid AI action to follow your trigger, such as image upscaling or background removal. See Claid features via Zapier above.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Regularly check your Zap history logs to maintain their effectiveness and update any steps as your workflow evolves.

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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