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How Fit option Canvas can benefit your E-commerce images?

There’s nothing worse than product photography that doesn’t allow your shoppers to see your product clearly. After all, it defeats the entire point, right?

This is why it can pay to show off your products on a White or Color background. White and Color backdrops allow customers to see the product clearly without distraction

Fit option Canvas allows you to fill space around objects with background color; the following operations will produce this result:

In the Image Resizing box, enter the required output values of Width&Height, and select Canvas as the fit option.

Afterward, go to the Background box for the Background removal toggle, selecting the appropriate category (General, or Products) based on your image use case.

Along with Background color toggle, select the Color category (it will be set to white by default). You can also select any other color by clicking on Color + picking up the preferred value in the hexadecimal format.

In cases when your product image desires better quality, it's a great option to start its upscaling with any quality enhancement algorithm, within the Restoration box.

Learn what quality enhancement operation will better suit your editing use case

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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