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How to create a good prompt?

How to create a good prompt?

Prompt creation and image generation are relatively new to all of us. No wonder it can leave us scratching our heads to come up with a concise prompt that clearly defines our goal.

That's why we've put together some general guidelines to help you through the creation process and get you started on your scene creation adventure!

When writing a prompt, think of how would you describe what you see on the picture to the person you’re on the phone with. The more explicit description, the more accurate results (don’t mistake it with ‘wordy’, as too long prompts may not bring expected results either: things early in the prompt get more influence, and the influence decreases rapidly).

In prompts, after the first 20 words, the rest is usually ignored.

There are also some general rules to write efficient prompt for your product photo:

Don't mention the product, or you'll just get more versions of whatever the product is described as (many vitamin bottles in your results, for example). Don't mention "product" either. Just describe what is happening around the product, e.g. "wooden countertop, bathroom in the background":

The word "standing" can sometimes lead to people standing near the product (or the object itself getting extra legs). But sometimes it can also help make the product stand out. Experiment!

If you want a background, it needs to be explicitly described and there needs to be enough room for the composition to look relatively "typical".

When creating prompts, remember that each word has its own value. It is a good idea to filter words to include only those that are relevant to the final image you want to create. The order of the words is also important.

The most important elements should come first in the prompt!

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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