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What padding values will make your product stand out?

Make your product visually stand out by controlling the amount of space around it.
Claid supports several advanced padding solutions that meet market-leading product image requirements.
If you’re not sure to what padding values your image should be aligned, simply go with general ones established by major marketplaces like Amazon, where product covers 85% of canvas.

Safe Zones

The feature allows to control non-standart borders. Simply set up the padding from horizontal and vertical sides, therefore nothing will be dropped from the visible area during website view. In order to achieve coverage 85% of canvas enable the Padding toggle, select Safe Zones, where set its values to 10% for horizontal, and 22% for vertical sides.

General Padding

If your product image doesn't have any non-standart borders, simply go with General Padding where provided percentage value will be applied for each side (the recommended one to start with is 7%). Claid preserves the actual image size, hence squeezing the image and filling the surrounding space with padding.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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