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Can I create images without writing a prompt?

Is it possible to generate a set of images without writing a prompt in AI Photoshoot?

Yes, within Compositions you can create an image without manually typing a prompt. Our pre-defined descriptions can easily be used as a starting point or inspiration for your further requirements:

Get inspired! Check out Gallery of prompts!

Default prompt results:

If your product belongs to the category of our pre-defined scenes, it is always better choice to select Compositions rather than Custom for more appealing results.

Images generated with Custom, prompt example granite rocks surrounded by still water, mossy rocks and small waterfall in the background :

The same prompt used in Compositions for Spa:

💡 Prompts are not required for great AI Photoshoot results, but they enhance your control over the generated photos.

If you want to add specific things to the picture, like backgrounds, materials, objects, or stylizations, using prompts can help you do that:

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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