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What are Claid AI Background generation tools?

What is Claid's next-gen AI background generation toolkit and how to use it?

Transform boring product photos into high-converting, branded designs!

Use our next-gen background generation AI to:

generate endless product images on autopilot
create branded designs in seconds
design beautiful visuals aligned with your branding
increase conversion with captivating & unique product photos
save time & money on professional photoshoots

Once logged in to your CLAID AI account, you can navigate to the Next-gen toolset dashboard by clicking on the Explore Claid Studio button:

You can still use our Legacy AI Photoshoot Editor if it is more convenient for you.

You will then be taken to the Studio dashboard where you can choose to Add shadows, Generate from template, Generate from text or Expand image from AI background generation tools:

Add shadows

This feature adds natural looking shadows to your product. You can choose any background color or leave it at the default white. You can also choose for the shadow to match the positioning of your product: whether it is a front or flat shot:

Generate from template

Once the Generate from Template option is selected, you will see the left side panel consisting of Claid templates and My templates. The former are essentially our unique pre-defined mock-ups, while the latter are the backgrounds that you can upload and reuse according to your requirements. This allows you to better tailor the design to your product category and angle to create realistic and compelling product shots.

Claid templates are categorized to better match the nature of your product and adapt to showcase your product in an appealing and realistic environment.

Generate from text

The Generate from text suite allows you to create the image background with the prompt. Describe the environment you'd like your product to be placed in, and place the product on the canvas that would allow the AI to generate the described background.

Make sure your product has enough space to create the background described.

Expand image

This module is designed to resize your product photos to the dimensions you need. You can choose from popular standard or social media sizes, or specify your own measurements:

Customize your design to meet your needs in seconds

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Updated on: 21/05/2024

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