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Brush - how to improve image details in seconds?

Brush - correct errors in your product photos in seconds!

Claid's Brush tool is here to make your product photos absolutely flawless! With just a few simple steps, you can remove any unwanted objects and refine the details to make your images shine.

Select the area, brush over it, and watch your images transform into perfect quality shots!

Use it to:

remove unwanted objects from an image
refine generated photos
improve generated objects
turn any photo into a Claid template to use in My templates

How to use Brush?

If any of your uploaded images need a little retouch or if the images generated with Claid AI background generation modules don't quite match your expectations, we've got you covered.

Once in your Claid Studio, select Brush from the left sidebar options:

Select brush type:

Erase: say goodbye to the object in the selected area!

Regenerate: get ready for a brand-new, improved version of the selected area with better objects and quality!

Regenerate brush works only on images generated with Claid AI background generation tools

Resize the brush for your needs

Paint over the area you wish to erase or moderate and apply the operation with one click:

Make sure the edges of the object, along with its shadow and reflection, are covered well. Otherwise, the AI might try to regenerate another object

Reply to the operation if needed or download the perfected image already:

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Updated on: 18/07/2024

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