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How and when to use My templates?

Customize AI product shoots with My templates

The My templates feature allows you to upload your own image with the desired background set up to create branded product images that are consistent with your brand identity and help build brand recognition.

Experiment with scenes that represent your brand!

To access My templates:

From Studio dashboard, select Generate from template:

Once inside, navigate to the My templates section:

Upload your background

Use high-quality photos that are the best fit for your product

Your new composition background default can be found below:

Adjust the size and position of the product on canvas

After adjusting the size and positioning, you can generate the composition with Low or High creativity levels:

Low leaves the original background untouched, preserving all details.
Medium balances minor changes with maintaining the style of the template
High allows you to adjust the composition with the prompt and color of your choice, preserving the original geometry.

Generate and download satisfactory results!

For more information and tips, click here: Personalize Your AI Product Photos with My Compositions

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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