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What is Image Editing toolkit and how do I use it?

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What is Image Editing toolkit
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Image Editing Suites in Claid Studio

What is the Image Editing toolkit?

The Image Editing Toolkit is an AI-powered toolset designed to enhance the appeal of your images, whether they're low-quality user-generated content or high-resolution shots from digital cameras.

Claid's next-gen toolset for enhancing your images consists of:

Enhance & Upscale suite allowing you to restore the quality and upsize various types of images, while maintaining the original image aspect ratio

Resize & Extend suite providing multiple options to bump the size, crop or generate the naturally blending background extension

Correct Colors suite provides a set of advanced tools allowing to precisely adjust the image appearance

Remove Background and Blur Background suites provide a set of tools for background adjustments

Key Uses

Claid's next-gen Image editing toolkit is ideal for a variety of use cases, including eCommerce, marketplace, print, real estate, automotive, and more.

Enhance your eCommerce and marketplace conversions with superior enhancement features. Not only will your products appear crisp and clear, but they will also be properly centered with advanced padding solutions. You can meet market-leading standards with just a few clicks.

For your printing needs, the toolkit automatically adjusts resolution, upscales, and manages output formats.

For automotive use cases, the toolkit has specially developed functionality. In the Background and Additional blocks, you'll find features designed to make your products stand out while maintaining security measures. Whether you need to blur backgrounds or blur license plates, these features are integrated into the image editing process.

Real estate images also benefit from the toolkit, thanks to a variety of enhancement tools and a feature that adjusts interior shots to 360-degree views.

Where to find Image Editing toolkit in Claid Studio

Once you're logged into your Claid's account, navigate to the Studio suite to see the Image Editing toolset on the left side panel:

Image Editing Suites in Claid Studio

Enhance & Upscale

Each Quality Enhancement operation has been designed based on product use cases to ensure superior results that meet product requirements.

The Decompress operation is ideal when you need to remove distortion and artifacts caused by image compression. Together with the Quality Enhancement operations, it effectively prepares an image for further upscaling.

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Resize & Expand

Image Resizing allows you to increase the resolution of your image to any size without losing quality, while adjusting the aspect ratio at the same time.

Choose from fit options to place your image on the required canvas:

Wide side: expands the wider side of the image to fit the edge of the canvas

Short Side: stretches the shorter side of the image to the edge of the canvas

Canvas: places the input image on the canvas defined by the width and height. The aspect ratio of the input image doesn't change. Extra space is filled with the background color

smart - a content-aware cropping mode that detects an object in a photo and uses it as the center of the cropping area.
center - a basic cropping mode that crops from the center of the image, regardless of what is in the image.

Outpaint: generates a coherent background for an image to fit specified dimensions, scaling an image until the larger side reaches the edge of the canvas defined by width and height first, so that generation is symmetrical on either the left-right or top-bottom sides.

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Correct Colors

The HDR feature ensures your photos are perfectly lit with more color and detail in both bright and dark areas

Manual Adjustments lets you drill down into an image's histogram to balance exposure, contrast, saturation, and sharpness

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Remove background

Address eCommerce, marketplaces, and automotive use cases.

For eCommerce and Marketplaces, set Remove Background to create transparent or any color backgrounds using the background color feature with hexadecimal values.

For automotive use, set Background removal and Background blur to the Car category and select the type and level of background blur based on visual requirements.


By controlling the amount of space around the item, you can achieve a consistent look for visuals across your platform. This is essential for eCommerce where the border around the item is critical to the visual experience.

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Blur background

Adjust the background of the image to suit your specific needs. Choose from general background blur or blur car license to ensure privacy. Define the amount of background blur (low, medium, or high) and the lens that would meet your expectations.

License plate blur allows you to automatically turn on privacy for your car shots.

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For more information about Claid API Operations, visit our Image operations documentation.

Updated on: 19/07/2024

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