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Correct Colors

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What is Correct Colors

Color correction adjusts the color characteristics of an image, including brightness, saturation, and dynamic range. This feature ensures your images have accurate and visually appealing colors.

Key Uses

Product Photography: Ensure your product images have consistent and accurate colors for catalogs, online stores, and promotional materials.
Blog and Website Content: Improve the color quality of images used in blog posts and on websites to make your content more visually appealing.

Where to find Correct Colors operations in Claid Studio

Key Controls

Automated Adjustments

HDR is the automated option you can use in Correct colors. It balances colors and lighting and covers most cases. The bright parts of the image can become much brighter, so the image seems to have more depth.

💡 You can change the intensity of HDR to your liking. The level of 100 is the most recommended.

360° image is designed to stitch edges on panoramic images, ideal for real estate and automotive industries.

Manual Adjustments

Manual adjustment can be used for more detailed and precise adjustment of the image. These operations use relative values, meaning they take into account the initial values of the images. For example, if an image is very dark, you might want to set the exposure to a higher value compared to cases when photos have a slight underexposure.

Exposure decreases or increases the exposure and allows you to control the amount of light in your images. The overall brightness or darkness is fully customizable with intensity levels. If an image is dark, it's best to set the exposure to a higher value.

Saturation decreases or increases the saturation and regulates the intensity of colors, making your images more eye-catching by balancing how light or dark the colors are.

Contrast decreases or increases the contrast and adds depth to your images; with contrast adjustments, you'll be able to control the relationship between the brightness of highlights and the darkness of shadows.

Sharpness increases sharpness and helps you boost the clarity of textures in your image, making every detail sharper.

Tips and Tricks

Note that applying any of the Correct Colors operation twice in a row or more will apply the adjustments to the previous, already enhanced version of the image, not to the original version. In case you would like to start over and apply different color adjustments to the original image, please use the Undo button first to revert any color adjustments that have already been applied to the image and return to the original version.

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Updated on: 23/07/2024

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