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Outpaint - how and when to use generative resize solution?

Generative resizing lets you seamlessly change your image ratio with naturally blended content to expand your canvas

Save time from tedious manual photo editing with intuitive space fill!

Claid's Outpaint solution automatically fills the new space with generative content that blends naturally with the original image. To access it, please head to Claid Studio dashboard >> Resize & Extend >> Fit type >> Outpaint

Outpaint generates a consistent background for an image to fit the specified dimensions, scaling an image until the larger side reaches the edge of the canvas defined by width and height first, so generation is either left-right or top-bottom symmetrical.

Upload an image in the Processing Area

Select your desired dimensions within the Width & Height values

The current limit is 16 MP for the output file size.

Start processing:

Download satisfactory results:

or continue to expand your image canvas until you are happy with the outcome or need multiple set ups for your product:

Read more about Generative Resizing API here.

Updated on: 21/05/2024

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