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What images work best with AI Photoshoot?

What images work best with AI Photoshoot feature?

AI Photoshoot can turn a single product shot into a series of unique and compelling brand designs in seconds. You don't need an expensive set, photographer, lighting or additional effects to create spectacular visuals. All you need is your imagination combined with our AI.

Although the generative AI neural network can work magic with bland product images, it'll exceed expectations when we give it a helping hand with photos of relevant specifications.

These are our general image input guides for even better AI photoshoot results:

1. Use a front-facing or flat shot of the product for best compatibility if you are planning to use our templates

Our pre-defined composition templates are specifically designed to work with front and top camera angle photos. Using product images taken from these angles will give the best results.

2. Make sure the photo resolution is higher than 1024 pixels, the photo is clear, with no blurred edges and with good lighting to achieve high quality results

Our AI preserves all your branding details while creating a range of eye-catching designs, so your product looks great in different scenarios. A product with defined edges makes it easier to cut it out of the original setup and stand out in a new environment.

The better the product definition and quality, the more stunning and appealing the results of your AI-generated designs.

3. Ensure that there are no transparent objects in the image, or choose a template colour that is compatible with the transparent regions

4. Products with very complex shapes, such as bicycles, and transparent objects may not be recognised by the background removal tool

It can be difficult to accurately cut out very detailed objects of the product, especially if they are small and integrated into the background. If some parts of the base object have not been extracted with sufficient precision, try working around this by asking the scene to match the original colours left around the product.

Prompt: mountain road sunset, editorial photo, behance, professional car photography

Okay, sometimes it may just not work, so if you have the image of the product on a transparent PNG, please use it in AI Photoshoot - just deselect the background removal toggle before uploading:

5. Use images with a plain background that does not blend into the product, to make it easier to identify the product

Again, if your product blends into the surrounding of the original image, it may be difficult for our AI to remove the background as accurately as it would with an object with clearly outlined boundaries.

6. Only upload images that show the complete product, rather than just a part of it

These few tips should help you select the best working images to create breath taking designs that will highlight your brand and increase conversions!

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Updated on: 17/05/2024

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