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Can I reuse the background I like?

How can I reuse the generated background I like for my next projects?

Create consistent designs that seamlessly integrate your products into the scene

Claid AI Background Generation Suite allows you to create entire series of design coherent product photos. Once you find the composition you like, you can easily reproduce the style for other of your products to generate brand compliant converting visuals.

Here's how:

Reuse Claid Templates

When creating product photos in this suite, choose the Low Creativity Mode to preserve all the design details for your next products:

To retain the details, the prompts and color choices are disabled for this functionality

Change the product by navigating to the right sidebar: Upload new image button:

and simply click the Generate button to copy the design style for the next product:

Repeat as many times as needed!

Our AI will adjust the lighting and shadow generation to accommodate the differences in the product shots

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Reuse My Templates

How and when to use My templates?

My Templates functionality helps you further customize your unique product designs by allowing you to upload your own background for reuse. You can find this module right by Claid Templates in Generate from template suite:

Once inside the module, upload the background image of your choice:

Select a product photo or upload a new one, adjust the product positioning on the canvas as needed and create your unique designs.
For minimal changes to the original composition, use the Low Creativity mode. If some adjustments are needed, toggle between Medium and High, or try all of them if you want to experiment.

Customize with color and prompt can only be applied when High or Try All options are selected

Updated on: 11/06/2024

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