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How to use Claid's templates for background generation?

What are and how to use Claid's templates for generating your product image backgrounds?

With Claid, you can choose from several predefined background designs of different categories, so that your product is displayed in the most convenient and appealing environment.

Reinforce the nature of your product by placing it in a desirable setting

Currently you can choose from Most Popular, Nature, Flatlays or even SPA setups for more flexibility in showcasing your brand. Each template comes with prompts and creativity levels. You can customize them to your liking, but you don't have to.

How to use Claid templates

Upload your photo on a transparent background or use our background remover to strip out the original background before editing.
We support JPEG, PNG, WebP and HEIC formats up to 10MB.

Use images on a transparent background in all AI background generation suites. Here's how to remove background using Claid Studio? if this is required before processing.

Click to upload, or drag and drop the file into the area:

Choose the template from the library

Your product is automatically scaled to fit the canvas, but you can still manually adjust the size and product placement to fit your concept:

Adjust Creativity levels:

Low will not change the original design or will make minimal changes
High gives you more flexibility to customize the prompt and color


When you are satisfied with the applied settings, click the Generate button to produce the desired output:

Your generated results will appear after a few seconds in the right side panel:


Choose the design that meets your expectations and download for further use. You can download the image in default PNG file type, or define the required file format from the drop-down selection:

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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