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What’s Freeform approach and when to use it?

What is the Freeform approach and when can I use it to my advantage?

The Freeform approach is a solution specifically designed to deal with products that cannot be properly handled with the templates (i.e. products in uncommon categories, and especially products in very unusual camera angles where the templates are not usable).

Use Freeform for products that do not fit into any of our pre-defined scenes.

💡 As such, Freeform is much more unpredictable and sensitive to prompt, placement and product input, thus we encourage you to use predefined scenes if your product fits our categories.

When using Freeform, please make sure that the placement and size of the product allows for whatever you are describing in the prompt to occur in the image, otherwise it may not work.

Don’t use “standing on”/ “lying on” in free approach - the system decides position by itself.

From here you can generate more results with the same setup (it will give different results each time), change the size of the product or reposition the object within the frame to get various visuals to choose from.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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