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What is AI Photoshoot?

What is AI Photoshoot?

AI Photoshoot is our generative AI module that allows you to create stunning product photos in a matter of seconds:

Transform boring product photos into high-converting, branded designs!

Use AI Photoshoot to:

generate endless product images on autopilot
create branded designs in seconds
design beautiful visuals aligned with your branding
increase conversion with captivating & unique product photos
save time & money on professional photoshoots

Meet AI Photoshoot (Legacy)

Once logged in to your CLAID AI account, you can navigate to the AI Photoshoot dashboard by clicking on the Use legacy editor button:

You will then be taken to the panel where you can choose from our pre-defined composition mock-ups, Claid templates or upload own background into My templates:

Claid Templates

The left side panel consists of Templates, which are essentially pre-defined mock-ups. This allows you to better tailor the design to your product category and angle to create realistic and compelling product shots.

Claid Templates are further categorised to better match the nature of your product and adapt to showcase your product in an appealing and realistic environment

Choose from:

My compositions
Spa & Stones
Interiors & Walls
Fabric and more!

Upload your image

Once you're familiar with composition types, upload your first image in the Upload area:

Use JPG, PNG, WEBP or HEIC file of up to 5MB

By default, the Remove background option is enabled to remove the background from your image. If you already have a transparent background image, turn it off so that you won't be charged for the extra credit required to perform this action:

Now, drop the image or choose from files:


For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll use the Minimal product category. You can select the scene type before or after uploading the image, you can also change the character of the mock-up at any time, but be aware that your projects will be deleted as soon as you leave the scene creation dashboard or remove the original image.

Generated designs are stored temporarily for the download purpose only.

Resize & reposition

Once you have your product uploaded to the scene generator, it will automatically adjust its size and position within the chosen frame for a more realistic effect:

You can still manually tweak the size and the product placement on the canvas:


Further, you can rotate the product to align with your concept:

Change composition mock-up

You can choose a different scene template at any time, but please remember not to refresh, leave the page or delete the product image as your designs will not be saved

At this point you can proceed to generate the AI Photoshoot without a prompt. Read more: Can I create images without writing a prompt?


Without any further adjustments, you can start generating your designs. Navigate to the Generate button and click on it. Image generation will take no more than a few seconds and your projects will appear just below the upload area:

If you're not happy with the result, or want to explore more variations, adjust the product size, rotate and reposition as required. Select another scene from the templates or continue with Colour adjustment and Prompt.

Scenes define layout and structure, organise elements. Prompts change materials, textures and backgrounds. Primary colors set theme, atmosphere and overall aesthetic.

💡 Read more here: How to create a good prompt? & How selecting a color influences my image generation?

Say, we want to create a flowery design to suit our current needs, so let's start with using the pink color selection and a simple cherry blossom prompt:

Check out our Gallery of prompts and get inspired!

Prompts are not required to generate images, although they give you more power to get the results you want.

At this point you can further experiment with from predefined samples and get creative:


Once you've created your amazing designs, be sure to download them. To do this, select the Download button on each of your projects. This will take you to a new page where you can save the image to the designated folder on your device:

Delete or change the default image

When you're finished creating AI photos for that product, or if you want to change the default image, navigate to the Remove button in the top right corner and delete the photo:

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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