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Which Resizing options to choose?

Which Resizing options to choose?

There are two ways to resize images:

The Fit types Wide-side, Short-side, and Canvas will always keep the aspect ratio.
If you want to change the aspect ratio, use Crop-Smart, Crop-Center, and Outpaint.

Crop-Smart and Crop-Center operations will crop your image to the specified values

How do Fit Types resize my images?


Resizing with the fit option 'wide side' is always oriented on the larger side, i.e. an image is scaled to the given output values of the larger side, and a shorter one is scaled while maintaining the aspect ratio of the image.

In this particular example, the width of the image is the larger side, so when adjusting the size values, specify the W (width) value leaving the H (height) field empty, as this will be adjusted automatically.


Upscaling with the short-side fit option is oriented on the smaller side, i.e. an image is upscaled to the given output values of the shorter side, and the larger side is calculated to keep the aspect ratio of the image.

Here, the shorter side is the height of the image, so when resizing, specify the H (height) value field and leave W (width) empty for automatic resizing.


Places an input image on the canvas defined by the specified width and height values. If the values specified in the W & H fields don't match the original image aspect ratio, the extra space is filled with white-space to adjust the design to required dimensions.


It's a basic cropping mode that crops images from their center without regard to their content. You can specify the cropping direction by manipulating the width or height values.

The center of the image is cropped according to the specific requirements, regardless of the image content:


This is a content-aware cropping mode that detects an object in an image and uses it as the center for cropping.


This option will extend the image to the desired aspect ratio by generating extra parts of content around the original image. This approach enables you to avoid zoomed-in effect which often happens when cropping the image. You can find more information on Outpaint here.

Output image aspect ratio should be less than 2.0

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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